Caused by the brand new Artist of your Paris Gigantomachy (490–460 B

This study focuses on an attic reddish-shape kylix excavated when you look at the a north Etruscan routine framework during the a good major haven webpages from the Mugello part within Poggio Colla. C. Elizabeth.), brand new kylix portrays youths boxing. Setting the new kylix regarding the oeuvre of your own artist, their workshop returns, and its own physical appearance in Etruria indicates that the proper execution and you can subject amount was indeed infamous in order to Etruscan visitors; discussion of your relationships of Loft boxers to help you pictures when you look at the Etruscan tomb color, black-figure silhouette design ceramic, and you will funerary reliefs suggests website links in order to and you may differences from Etruscan renderings of equivalent matter. Findings establish the fresh new role of Loft kylix in Etruscan routine and present the brand new familiarity of your iconography of the kylix to help you Etruscan visitors. Although one of several tinas cliniiar, Etruscan Pultuce and you may Greek Pollux, try recognized inside the next-century Etruscan art given that an outstanding boxer, this study suggests no obvious results of this new photographs to your kylix and significant deity honored during the website, totally possible the new deity Uni.


When you look at the 1995, the original 12 months out of excavation at the Etruscan webpages regarding Poggio Colla produced evidence for imported great pottery; specifically, several fragments of an attic redfigure kylix appeared, with additional ahead along the after that three year. Eventually, a life threatening proportion of one’s glass was recovered, and elements of both sides and its particular stemmed base. Following recovery of one’s mug, separated fragments from other Loft fine figural vases searched somewhere else from the your website, however, after twenty years out of excavation so it Attic kylix, relationship on the 2nd quarter of your 5th 100 years, remains unique because of its relative completeness and its own clear spiritual framework. Right here i talk about you to definitely context and you will just what it tells us regarding votive and routine behavior in the Poggio Colla. I also explore a broader studies of connections eg a brought in Loft kylix provides in other contexts in 5th-century Etruria: Is its distinctiveness during the Poggio Colla normal? With what most other options do for example kylikes appear? Exactly what messages manage its photo express to help you an Etruscan audience? Create it connect specifically for the cult during the Poggio Colla?

Poggio Colla: Record

Excavations at Poggio Colla regarding 1995-2015 paid of the Mugello Valley Archaeological Endeavor (MVAP) delivered to light a primary Northern Etruscan refuge, energetic out-of at least the later 8th 100 years B. C. E. and you will missing doing two hundred B. C. Elizabeth., most likely because of the Romans. Located forty km northeast from Florence on the Mugello valley, this site depends on a strengthened flattened hilltop from a keen acre and a half around the progressive town of Vicchio. Research for around five major phase off architectural background enjoys become recovered. Following the first stage (Stage 0), characterized by the presence of huts, was a sequence regarding around three periods (Stages 1–3) of monumental brick tissues. Stages step one and dos question us right here as we seek to rebuild the employment and you may depositional reputation for the brand new kylix.

Agency facts with the very first stage consists of section of a beneficial temple foundation, podium stops, column angles, and you will, very possible, a few battered antefixes (figs.step 1, 16). A type of base blocks to your podium, on 25 meters long, parallel to at least one wall structure from a good cella, supporting five column angles over the northeast side and you may transforms the part towards the south. Another collection of blocks is present within southern area. Little is certain about the Phase 1 proportions and you will build from podium, cella otherwise articles, however it is noticeable that this try a major architectural creating establishing a revolutionary move from good hilltop dotted which have huts. The positioning was northern/south, a point that will get related after from the history of the brand new sanctuary. The construction of the temple schedules on end of the 6th otherwise early 5th century B. C. Elizabeth. on the basis of corporation epigraphical evidence outlined below.


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